By Michael Delany

We had a chat with our multi award winning interior designer Michael Delany ahead of our launch.

What venues have you been involved in over the years? 

Designed and ran: honkytonks, Third Class, Sorry Grandma!, The Bottom End (incl. Survivor! Club of Legends and POOF DOOF) and Power Station in Melbourne and I either designed or designed and ran The Flinders, The Norfolk, The Forresters, The Abercrombie, The Carrington, The Oxford Tavern, House of Crabs, queenies, Fratelli Sopra, Fratelli Parlimento, Cafe Nice... And jus recently the old Club 77 that me and my International Worldwide partner Jaime Wirth have just reopened as 77. 

What bores you? 

In hospitality design I dislike the use of generic, off the rack materials and ideas. 

What excites you?  

Having a great time! 

Tell us a little bit about your latest project, Mary’s Poppin! and how you were inspired to design the space. 

Stephen Craddock and I have known each other for years but never worked together so I was excited about that, and bringing his semi sophisticated, uber camp vision to life. 

What sets Mary's Poppin apart from other Adelaide bars and nightclubs?  

As above I guess... There will be an outrageous sense of fun in the room but also will be pretty chic. 

Where does your general inspiration come from?  

Oh god, from all over I think. I went to art school so I can look at a turnip and see a beautiful chandelier in my head!

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