Pop My Cherry!

Feb 18, 2021

Our arms are wide open and ready for performers who want to perform on our main stage! 🎨🎉

Pop My Cherry is open for all once a month, hosted by Mary’s Diva Kane Enables.

Held on the final Friday of every month showcasing all personalities who think they have that SPARK that can ignite an audience! and get our attention. 🔥If you feel like poppin your cherry... then, look no further as we want you! Are you the next STAR? ✨ or is it a lifelong dream to perform on stage in front of a crowd?🎤 Maybe you just want to show your friends that you’ve got what they can’t have. 😉

If you're interested in taking part, please fill in this form
Otherwise please book your table now to enjoy a night of fabulous emerging talent



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