Marys Poppin, ITDEVENTS & Merch Mother

Super Queen SA 2020


We think it’s your time to be a Super Queen.  How high can you set the bar? We wanna see you Poppin’, Dippin’, Spinnin’, Droppin’, Flippin’ and winning so hard on that Mary’s Main Stage. 

Do you think you’ve always had that special: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent? 👩🏼‍🎤


Setting off on the 6th of November, 4 mesmerising heats will be taking place on Fridays for your chance to be Mary’s first ever Super Queen 👑. Each heat the audience will vote for who they TOOT 👍🏻 and who they BOOT 👎🏻! 

This is your chance to win MAJOR: 🏅🎖


🏆 1 Month Diva Residency at Marys Poppin!

🏆 Merch Mother Gift Package!

🏆 $1000 Cash!

🏆 + more

Want to enter? simply email

Applications close 2nd November 2020