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Mary's is expanding
& The launch of thirstdays!

Oh. My. Pop. After two years of shenanigans, sunny days, countless Schlong Islands and queues every weekend, we’ve finally popped our floor with a landmark ground floor extension that gives you more Marys, more space to pop in and much more to love.

No longer must you mount our stairs to get inside, but don’t think Mary’s getting soft. Instead, she’s getting lit – with 60 meters of state of the art neon – a new stage, mirrored ceilings & walls and a giant rainbow. Yaas! Add dancing cages, a smack bang new sound system, plus state of the video disco system and tech, all planned out by neon wunderkind Michael Delany. She’ll be poppin’, honey, like #checkmynewdigs, with all you love about Mary’s pimped out like we mean it.

With more room comes lots more fun, so welcome THIRSTDAY because you know, we’re all gagging by this time every week! Based on Stonewall's Malebox, the OG dating app before apps (and phones), we’ll turn how you meet your next special someone on its head and the best part is, there’s no wait to meet for drinks! Let hosts Vonni and Wundes check your THIRST on our brand new Thursday night from 8pm and watch out – your life may be about to change!

Then on Friday and Saturday, sprawl across both our floors, take in a show and dance your night away in our new home with 150 more of your closest new friends, gay or straight, lesbian or trans, cis- or whatever gender. We’re all one big family at Marys’ Poppin and there’s always room for everyone.

Mary's upstairs will be open as usual every weekend during the expansion, make sure you come and say hi!
We're set to launch early to mid August. Please sign up here to get the scoop!

Mary’s here and she doesn’t like to knit or drink tea. Unless it’s a Schlong Island Iced Tea and knitting is code for a drag show.

This eccentric new spot in the heart of the East End of Adelaide is a push against the trend of hip small bars. Cocktails are twists on once-cool classics like the Pina Colada and dancing is encouraged. Insisted on, even. 

You won’t find any Tiesto or Darude here, just sweet-like-candy ’80s pop hits to have you boppin’ into the wee hours.

Mary's is a Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQI) Safe Space but we welcome our hetero friends ONLY if you are kind and friendly.


Introducing our fabulous show girls, catch them at Mary's Poppin!









Images by Eric Brumfield





  • Mary's is a Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQI) Safe Space but we welcome our hetero friends ONLY if you are kind and friendly.
  • Doors open 9pm on Friday & Saturday Nights
  • We usually close after 3am and sometimes we go until 5am!
  • There are 9 drag shows a night by our Mary's Divas
  • Leave your attitude at the door
  • No Board Shorts or Thongs
  • We have queues most nights after 11pm so please arrive early.
  • We have a door charge after 10pm it's free prior.
  • Coat check is open from 10pm, if you're leaving after 3, collect your checked items from security
  • You may reserve a booth for upto 10 people details are here
  • Want to skip the line? sorry we don't offer this to anyone, just arrive early.

Corporate Functions
If you'd like to hire our venue for an event please email stephen@itdevents.com

Drag Show Policy
If there is a show happening, please DO NOT jump on the stage and interfere with the show, you will be asked to leave.

Hen's Party Policy
While we don’t prohibit hen’s nights, we do ask that you’re respectful of our Gay & Lesbian safe space. We request that you limit the typical hens night paraphernalia we will ask you to surrender this at the door. 

Management Reserves The Right To Refuse Admission for any reason whatsoever.


5 Synagogue Place
Adelaide, SA, 5000


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