A LBGTIQA+ club For everyone
A LBGTIQA+ club For everyone
A LBGTIQA+ club For everyone
The Jewel Of Adelaide. LGBTQIA+ Since April 2016.

Mary’s here and she doesn’t like to knit or drink tea. Unless it’s a Schlong Island Iced Tea and knitting is code for a drag-show performance.
Owned & hand curated by party veterans In The Dark, this is one bar to get your knees up and throats sore.
This eccentric new spot in the heart of the East End of Adelaide is a push against the trend of hip small bars. Cocktails are twists on once-cool classics like the Pina Colada and dancing is encouraged. Insisted on, even.
Open every fri & sat from 9pm
A safe space for the South Australia LGBTQIA+ community and their friends. We welcome everyone, so long as you're friendly and have a great attitude.
Open every Friday & Saturday from 9pm, and for some special events during the year.
You won’t find any Tiesto or Darude here, just sweet-like-candy ’80s pop hits to have you boppin’ into the wee hours.

Mary’s Poppin is an LGBTQI Safe Inclusive Space, which celebrates diversity. Please be respectful, king, attitude free and courteous at all times. Or you will be asked to leave.

You Got
We got answers!

We currently have ramp access to front bar at Mary's Poppin and we are currently at work to expand our accessibility throughout the venue. Being a heritage listed building this has complications but rest assured we are doing what we can.

Hen's Parties

While we don’t prohibit hen’s nights, we do ask that you’re respectful of our LGBTQI safe space. We request that you limit the typical hens night paraphernalia we will ask you to surrender this at the door. 

What are the entry requirements?

Generally we ask that you

  1. Leave your attitude at the door
  2. Be kind and courtsous at all times
  3. This is a LGBTQIA+ venue first and foremost
  4. No board shorts or thongs
  5. Coat check is open from 9pm
Are there any shows?

Yes absolutely - our Mary's Divas will entertain you with 9 fabulous shows everynight. Please do not interupt the shows and be sure to show the performers love! If there is a show happening, please DO NOT jump on the stage and interfere with the show, you will be asked to leave.

What time do we open and close?

Doors open 9pm on Friday & Saturday Nights and we close after 3am but sometimes we party right through until 5am!

Guestlists & Free Entry

Unless your name is Lady Gaga - please don't ask. You can go ahead and book a table which will let you skip the queue prior to 10pm.

LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

Mary's is a Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQIA+) Safe Space but we welcome our hetero friends ONLY if you are kind and friendly.


Mary's is currently operating under a COVID management plan.

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